apostrophi's OCtober prompts

so how im doing OCtober - not every day has to have a drawing if its just easier for you to explain it in text. however, you're free to do all 31 days as drawings, or if writing is more your thing, write instead. the point is to have fun and celebrate your brain children, i hope it's fun for everybody

day 1: an oc / ocs in casual clothes

day 2: an oc you draw a lot

day 3: an oc you need to draw more of

day 4: your first oc / an older oc

day 5: what's your oc's favorite season? draw them in fashion appropriate for it

day 6: social media - draw / edit what their instagram / twitter would look like

day 7: reference sheet - create one for an oc or update a ref for an oc

day 8: texting group or discord server - what would it look like?

day 9: make an aesthetic board for an oc of your choice

day 10: coffeeshop - either coffeeshop au or what your ocs would like from a cafe / bakery

day 11: board games - how would a game of monopoly go?

day 12: room - what does your oc's room look like?

day 13: animals - what would your oc keep for a pet?

day 14: music - do your ocs play instruments? what kind of music do they like

day 15: relationships - do you ship your ocs? either platonic or romantic

day 16: RPG - how would a screenshot look from a RPG starring your ocs?

day 17: neon - draw your oc in a nighttime cityscape

day 18: retro - draw your oc in either retro clothing or a pixelly style

day 19: lineless - challenge time, you can't use lineart in this one

day 20: limited palette - use a limited color palette (from here or another site)

day 21: spyfi - would your oc prefer it shaken, not stirred?

day 22: dungeons and dragons races / classes

day 23: masquerade ball - a decadent fancy party for your ocs

day 24: fairy tale - draw your ocs as the main characters in one. has it changed?

day 25: haunted - what's the saddest event in an oc's life?

day 26: nostalgia - what's their fondest memory?

day 27: haunted (electric boogaloo) - do your ocs believe in ghosts?

day 28: witchy - draw a witchsona, or imagine an oc as a witch

day 29: vampires or werewolves - what team are you on?

day 30: candy - what's your take on candy corn? what candy does your oc like?

day 31: costumes / cosplay - how would the trick or treating / costume party go?