plot summary

long ago, the earth used to be populated with creatures and races that now have become legend. however, they did not go extinct; they were transported to an alternate world, the otherworld, only now accessible by traveling what's called a leygate. and sometimes, those creatures do come through the leygates. and there are humans with magical blood and powers that work to contain them from the general public.

enter cedar. up until now, he had been living an ordinary life, but encountered a creature and those who work to contain them by chance. during this encounter, he himself learns that he has magic. the organization O3C (the organization of otherworld containment) contacted him and invited him to work with them, and to learn how to use his newly discovered powers.

what cedar doesn't realize is there are multiple things underlying his simple tenure at this place, but he ends up meeting valuable friends along the way, and ultimately will discover there's more to his power and his situation than it seems at first glance.



i've made some music that i've posted on my soundcloud, and while i just make music recreationally because i find it fun, i've decided to make the songs related to otherworld. you can check out the playlist here on soundcloud, on bandcamp for free, or here on youtube, or use the widget below.