alright! looks like the script is working. this seems fun to use so i'm looking forward to establishing blog posts.

i will try to post regularly, probably monthly as not much happens in my daily life that's noteworthy. i'll mostly be using this to talk about my work.

on that subject, i have played around with my process lately, and used to be a staunch autodesk user. i have a samsung galaxy tab A with the S pen stylus that enables pen pressure, and it's genuinely an amazing budget option for digital artists. i've also found an amazing app for android that is called superdisplay which allows you to use your tablet as a remote desktop viewer with pen pressure support. i highly recommend superdisplay as i use it every single day to create my work! it's amazing for people who have a windows PC and android device. this isn't sponsored or anything, i just love it that much.

i learned that sadly autodesk sketchbook has been discontinued, so i was branching out into other programs lately. before, i would draw art in autodesk sketchbook and then open it in ibis paint (a very good mobile art program with amazing filters and brush engine, i highly recommend it!). so far, clip studio paint has really opened my eyes. i used to actually dislike it due to the UI being very overstimulating to me, but after some adjustments it is useable. i love to browse user made brushes and have settled right now on a froggy pen brush that i use now for lines and coloring, but mostly coloring lately. i'm still looking for the right brush for my lineart but i love the watercolor effect it imparts on my artwork.

i do miss sketchbook but lately too i've done the lineart in sketchbook and screenshotted it to color on CSP.

i also think my favorite feature in CSP is the gradient maps. i love the life it gives my coloring and the fact i can search for user created gradients to use and don't think my colors would be as fun as they are without them.